Governance in an environment of external growth Marie 21 May 2023

Governance in an environment of external growth

Each company has its own information to define its businesses (around 1 000 pieces of information in an ETI and between 2 000 and 3 000 in sectors such as banking and insurance). This information is often not described and let business users interterprates.

Successful integration requires having a common language to explain a job and a common language.

Common language is the key to success. People will share the information, indicators and KPIs necessary for management. You must succeed in visualizing the 2 original information repositories (Business Glossary) and work to bring them together in a common business repository.

If the merger is carried out between 2 companies of different nationalities, some subtleties can be lost in the description of information and because of the choice of the a common language (example: a Franco-German industry with a shared language: English!)

Thanks to Meta Analysis:

The notion of security domains: everyone can keep their specific domain and enrich a common domain which will become the basis for sharing information
Native multilingualism which allows the Business Glossary (business information) to be available in as many languages ​​as there are countries making up the group
This solid and shared base of business information will enable integration into the group information system.