Product Marie 20 September 2023

Data Governance Repository
& Data Catalog

A vision of all your data and its business significance.

Meta Analysis

Data Governance

Organize data governance. What organization should be put in place? What are the roles and responsibilities of each collaborator?

Define repository item owners

Define roles, domains and workflows

Description of business processes with steps and tasks

Business Glossary
Business informations

Have a single repository. This Business Glossary becomes the memory of your company. It must be shared to everyone.

Creation of multilingual unified business information with a precise definition and a validated management rule

Involvement of functional users in defining business information with a validation of workflows

Collaboration through comment sharing

Application mapping

What are my apps? What information is available in these applications? What business information is attached to application information?

Identification of business applications

Association of application information linked to business applications

Data Quality

What is the quality of the information? How does this quality evolve? How to visualize it simply?

Entering the level of quality expected by the businesses and loading the results of your quality campaigns

Graphical visualization of the evolution of the quality of your information

IS cartography
Data Catalog

What are the storages, transformations, flows of data and restitutions that compose my IS?

Mapping of database software, transformations, restitutions and analyzes of your organization

Planning and robotization in SaaS or on-premise mode

Automatic creation of your complete Data Catalog

Meta Analysis


The portal provides easy access to all users who can understand business information


The search function will give an exact result and suggestions with filters to refine searches


Comments and tasks give the opportunity to all users to be involved in enriching the repository


Data Lineage gives a graphical analysis and the possibility to work in workshop mode, enriched by the vision of data quality


With the new Data Lineage, you will save and share impact analyzes carried out by experts

Meta Analysis

installation Saas, on premise ou cloud
The installation: your choice
Meta Analysis can be installed in SaaS mode, on-premise or in your cloud.
Functional richness
Due to the needs of our customers, Meta Analysis is functionally rich (roles, domains, workflows).
personnalisation intégrale sans développement
Full customization without development
We provide a completed or simplified metamodel at the start of the project, fully configurable.
Historisation des évolutions des métadonnées
Metadata evolutions are recorded to find all the changes in the information and the entire repository.
Solution multilingue
Meta analysis is natively multilingual: solution and content. We provide the language(s) you want.
solution ouverte
An open solution
Uploads are possible with connectivities or CSV loading. Access is native through searches and integrated reporting.