Data Governance, a prerequisite for the Data project? Marie 5 March 2023

Data Governance, a prerequisite for the Data project?

As the editor of the Governance repository Meta Analysis since 2002, we have experienced 3 phases :

  • 2000 – 2010: The pioneers : These are the large banks which had historical traceability requirements and significant legal obligations
  • 2010 – 2020: The reactions to the problems encountered: Inconsistency in analysis results for COMEX or financial department, inability to trace data
  • Since 2020: the proactive. The maturity of the market and stakeholders (Chief Data Officers and Data Governance Managers) means that the subject of data consistency becomes a priority in the DATA project.

We now have DATA Governance projects prior to DATA projects and this ensures :

The involvement of the professions in the definition of information and indicators (including KPIs)
To develop the DATA environment with an unrivaled level of precision and quality
To follow the construction phases of the DATA and DATA viz project
Meta Analysis can be implemented during all phases of a Data Governance project. The ideal is to implement it from the start and use it to support your DATA development.