Meta Analysis webinar : Functions, uses and strenghts with a live demonstration

Come and discover Meta Analysis, the Data Governance repository

Meta Analysis addresses the following business challenges:

– Organize data governance by giving roles to the people involved in this business project
Understanding your business through knowledge sharing with the creation and enrichment of the multilingual unified business information repository (Business Glossary)

– View application information and its quality level.

– Understanding your information system and its developments: Through a global map of your IS (databases, data flows, reporting and analysis), Meta Analysis allows you to have a global vision of your data on site and in the Cloud

Research and impact analyzes

– Simply access data using simple or advanced search modules and tags

-Understand changes, understand the sources and visualize the quality of the data: Impact analysis (Data Lineage) makes it possible to understand the flow of the data for functional groups such as management controllers or explain the source for Data Scientists

– Data Lineage is a real graphical workshop which allows you to create metadata, analyze it, then save and share it. It allows the creation and enrichment of the repository in collaborative mode with the functional