Uses of Meta Analysis

You are CDO (Chief Data Officer)?

You are the keystone of your organization. With Meta Analysis, switch to Data Driven mode!

  • Implement the data governance of your organization
  • Identify areas of progress and inconsistencies in your data
  • Adopt a quality management strategy
  • Animate a collaborative tool to reconcile IT and your business through the single repository
  • Guarantee the uniqueness of the indicators

Are you a DPO (Data Protection Officer)?

You are in charge of the RGPD policy of your organization and referent to the CNIL. With Meta Analysis, switch from reagent to proactive:

  • Follow the phases of your RGPD project
  • Identify personal data and give them a degree of risk
  • Validate categories and link them to personal data
  • Enter the processing of personal data
  • Record the actions performed and the elements of the Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA)
  • Determine the risks for new business applications
  • Monitor incidents and relations with the CNIL with automatic documentation

Are you a management controller?

You are in charge of analyzing the results of your company. With Meta Analysis, gain reliability on your data!

  • Guarantee the uniqueness of the indicators
  • Reference your KPIs
  • Share and validate your business rules
  • Understand the source and routing of your data up to reporting

You are Marketing Manager?

You are the keystone DATA Clients of your organization. With Meta Analysis, switch to Data Quality mode:

  • Adopt a strategy to control the quality of your data
  • Identify your customer data
  • Implement the quality approach for important data for your business
  • Make your
  • marketing campaigns profitable

Are you BI Manager?

You are responsible for the proper provision of BI solutions in your organization. With Meta Analysis, move from one looking for data to the Data Hero:

  • Determine the impacts on your IS of a management rule change requested by users
  • Work closely with your trades as your business demands evolve
  • Anticipate reporting changes
  • Identify inconsistencies in BI tools, DataViz …
  • Improve the quality of sensitive data

Are you a Data scientist?

You are in charge of the valuation of the data for a business theme. With Meta Analysis, make your day by day easier from Data Miner to Data Scientist:

  • Identify new data from Big Data
  • Understand the impacts and interactions between Data
  • Drill your applications to reference key data
  • Reconcile Business Data with Cloud Data
  • Make your life easier by switching from Data Miner to Data Scientist
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