Innovations of Meta Analysis V7

The new release is the result of 15 years of collaboration with our Premium customers and our partners.

Entirely new, Meta-analysis V7 will bring you:

Functional innovations

The V7 is powered by powerful features:

  • Validation workflow
  • Dashboard Staff
  • A new graphical impact analysis
  • History of all metadata
  • New architecture

    The V7 is completely new. Its new architecture will allow:

  • Very large deployments
  • Performance in searches
  • Simplicity of administration
  • New User Experience

    We’ve capitalized 15 years of feedback from our big customers to bring you:

  • A fully redesigned and optimized interface for different uses
  • Operating fluid by search functions
  • Open News

    The new version 7 is ready to use

  • In the cloud with an offer in Azure
  • Its software connectivity in SAAS mode
  • API for communicating with other solutions or new developments
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