Data Mesh with Meta Analysis – Webinar april 18 Daniel Malot 28 February 2024
Webinar 18 April 2024 - 10:00 am

Data Mesh with Meta Analysis – Webinar april 18

DATA MESH is an enterprise approach to the autonomy of business teams  in their Data uses. Find out how Meta Analysis can help you to support this approach around the 4 pillars



Organization of Data Assets into data domains  The notion of domain is native in Meta Analysis and allows for division of responsibilities by role and differentiated access by user

Data as a Product  Referenced and documented Data Products, easily accessible from your Meta Analysis catalog


Self-service Data platform  Your technology platform is automatically mapped and governed in Meta Analysis .

Fedarated Governance The key subject of the Data Mesh project, with company-wide  standards and authonomy for the business lines in Data Domains


Webinar Agenda by TEAMS on april 18 at 10 AM

  •  Data Mesh concepts and federated governance
  • Features and uses of Meta Analysis for a Data Mesh Organization
  • 45 minutes demonstration

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